Author, 2013

Publisher: Hatje Cantz.

ISBN: 978-3-7757-3667-1

Dimensions: 21.80 x 28.10 cm

Pages: 176

Terry Haggerty (*1970 in London), who lives and works in Berlin, creates paintings, drawings and large scale wall drawings that expand the vocabulary of abstraction: he combines the reductive elements of Minimalism with the phenomenological approaches of Op Art in a new way. In their reduction to what is mostly monochrome color and their formal simplification, Haggerty's varying line/stripe combinations oscillates between the planimetric structure of the surface and the illusory perception of three-dimensionality. The incredible precision of Haggerty's handiwork is also responsible for the impressive effect of his pictures with an appearance of quasi mechanical perfection. Transcend presents the artist’s oeuvre from the late nineties to the present and represents his ingenious synthesis of Minimal Art’s striving towards a conceptual order and Op Art’s prosaic play with perception and the illusion.